Aliagroup is a diversified business group in the space of Marketing Services

It is an innovation focused enterprise that functions at the intersection of Knowledge, Brands and Markets. The group’s purpose is to partner and build ventures that are growth oriented and scalable to make a global impact.

It provides marketing services and solutions to the bluest of the blue chip client’s world-wide at one end, and incubates globally scalable innovative ideas and startups at the other.

Aliagroup identifies, converts and grows emerging opportunities and ideas into functional and scalable businesses. Its existing portfolio of businesses are built around CPG/FMCG, Brand Building and Digital Print Retail. Technology. Deep consumer understanding and design thinking form the very backbone of the growth led initiatives for these firms.

Its firms are leaders in their space and enjoy considerable equity with their clients and consumers alike

Aliagroup’s growth is founded on its philosophy and ability to Outthink

With its 20 years of experience across 400+ brands 100+clients 3000+ projects, and a deep understanding of over 2Bn consumers served through its firms Aliagroup supports and provides emerging market sensibilities to its global clients and global sensibilities to its emerging markets firms at a strategic level. Its offerings and attendant relationships are set in a global context but essentially based on the Indian thinking, mores and practice. They seek to provide products and services that contribute to genuine economic value add and wealth creation.